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Casting call have you scared?  Everyone hates auditions. That's a fact, but they can be enjoyable! Come learn how in a fun, engaging way that will leave you in tears, but only from laughing!  

The Workshop:

Where do you go? What do they expect? How do you present yourself? Are you expected to bring anything? What if you get sweaty? What if you mess up? ....... These are the age old audition questions, so while there's nothing at stake let's tackle them! With lots of techniques and tricks you can try to make auditions fun and enjoyable, this workshop will help you feel confident and at ease with yourself in whatever audition (or interview) you might have! 

Our workshops are for fun and personal development. There are no homework or performance requirements, just a fun time for busy people who enjoy acting and want to improve! Or for those who've never had the chance to try theatre before and have always wanted to! 


March 9th

Grades 4th-8th: @ 10-12pm

Ages 16 - 90+ @ 1-3pm

Fort Columbia State Park Chinook, Wa

(No discover pass needed.)

Yes there are TWO different workshops depending on your age level!


The Teacher / Alicia Trusty

Local to the peninsula Alicia left home to study acting (film and theatre) after high school in Los Angeles. Graduating from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in 2016, she recently moved back into the area to help out the family business!

With a passion for empowering people and helping them surrender to the infinite joy of “the moment” she is so exciting to be working with PAPA! After recently co-directing PAPA’s Enchanted April, she is excited to be teaching this audition workshop as well as directing Mary Poppins this summer.

Alicia is truly excited to have the opportunity to work with PAPA and bring her passion of helping and inspiring people to the table. There’s nothing more exciting to her than to help with the amazing transformation of confidence people can have while working on the stage!


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