9 Tips for Being Authentic Onstage...and Off

For those of you who were not able to attend our Adult Acting Workshop, here are 9 highly important tips I pulled from it! We talked about the building blocks Body, Voice, and Brain, and how to use all of these for a stronger character. 

1. Know your body, and your characters body. Their posture, walk, tempo, rhythm. Body can convey character, emotion and environment, so make sure you know what it's doing!

2. Don't be dramatic, if you wouldn't do it in a conversation don't do it onstage. Just because you're on a stage doesn't mean you need to hold both hands out in front of you the whole time you sing your solo, or keep gesturing to the right.....is there even anything over there? It's easy to do this, so have a trusted friend (read: blunt) watch you and let you know if you keep making the same gesture over and over, you might not even know your doing it! Make sure you are using gestures to highlight words or feelings, not to completely convey them. 

3. Keep your hips to the audience. They don't want to see the side of your face, even if you do have killer cheekbones. So while talking to your scene partner make sure your hips are pointed to the audience, and magically your face will be seen. Don't believe me.....just try it. 

4. Voice is a powerful tool, it loses its power if you mumble, talk to fast, ect. Have a grounded body, and use your breath not sheer force.  That will help you with clarity and projection. (Besides, no one likes a mumbler!)

5. Remember, feelings (and people) aren't always what they seem. Sad people joke, angry people get quiet. Fear sometimes looks like anger, and sensitive people often appear tough.

6. Always have an objective (goal). For the scene, the show, your life. If you have no objective your character will wander on and off stage with no point! Boring! Always have a driving force behind you. 

7. Don't be fake. There are enough fake people in the world, actors don't need to add to that. Remember the feelings of emotions you've had in the past and draw on those to be real on stage. Connect with the other people onstage, feed off their energy, open up to them. Don't "act in a vacuum". 

8. Do your homework. Know your stuff forwards and backwards so that when you do get up onstage, all you have to worry about is having fun in the moment! 

9. Be strong enough to open up and let people see real emotions show. 


Keep these 9 tips in mind for your next show and you'll have it in the bag! To get the full lowdown make sure you don't miss our next acting workshop! 

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