10 Highly Effective Audition Secrets

1. Be present in the moment: Leave your anxieties and disappointments in the parking lot. No matter how your day has been! Brush it off, and go in with a clear mind. 

2. Be clear about what you plan to present before you enter the room. Wether you've brought something, or you pick up materiels there (if it's not a professional audition) get to know it really well. 

3. Have a look: Make sure it's not a "I just rolled out of bed" look. You don't need to dress up or look glamorous. Just look like you on a really good day! (I would steer clear of dressing like the character your auditioning for.)

4. Don't worry about what "they" are looking for, just focus on acting the materiel in front of you. Engage, delight and move your audience. 

5. Take everything that happens as positive. No matter what "they" do, assume "they" love you. If they cut you off it's because they liked you and don't need to hear more. If they ask you to sing something else, they like your singing and want to hear more - not because you did something "wrong". Ya get my gist?

6. What to do at a dance audition: Keep Going. Don't give up. Even if you're the worst dancer in the world, smile, do it with pizzazz, give it your all. The choreographer will notice that and love you. 

7. Less is more when it comes to blocking your monologue "Don't Distract". Keep it simple, but engaging. 

8. Don't make any excuses. Don't apologize for anything just keep going and be positive! Even if you feel like you messed up the whole thing, walk out like you own the place. :)

9. Do Not do your monologue or song directly to "them". Pick a spot above their heads and focus there. 

10. Have fun! The people behind the table want to like you. Every time an actor walks into an audition, the people behind the table are excited to see what he or she is going to do.