Prop Design Workshop

We are so excited for this upcoming workshop! This is for anyone who has an interest in theatre and props, from never stepping foot into the theater to someone who loves designing. So come prepared to jump in and have some fun! 

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Date: FEBRUARY 18th

Time:  1 - 4 PM

Location: Fort Columbia Theater, Chinook WA

Creation, engineering, organization, practical skills…

Come find out what it means to be a prop designer! What do they do? What skills do you need? Learn tricks you've never heard of, and best of all... create and take home your very own Enchanted Rose with petals that fall on cue! From script to performance learn what goes into the thought of a prop, and implement it yourself!

Perfect for someone with zero theater experience looking for a fun afternoon or for a future prop designer to get their foundation! This is a time to get together, create, discuss and learn in a fun environment!

If you at able to take notes and work easy power tools you're old enough to join in the fun!

There is a $15 materials fee! (If you can't afford that, watch our facebook live video for more details!)

This is held at Fort Columbia State Park, Chinook WA.
No discover pass needed!

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Brooke Flood / Teacher

Brooke grew up in Long Beach, and blames her love of musicals on her role model, Barbara Poulshock, who started giving Brooke piano and voice lessons at age 6. Besides starring in many of PAPA's own productions growing up such as Hodel in "Fiddler on the Roof" and the baker's wife in "Into the Woods" she also recently directed PAPA’s Beauty and the Beast and last falls Enchanted April.

Brooke earned her BA in Theatre : Acting/Directing & Tech/Design from George Fox University and attended the Open Jar Institute 2014. At George Fox University Brooke had the opportunity to dive into all the aspects of theatre, onstage and off. Brooke is excited to teach a workshop on props as it is her favorite design piece. 

Brooke is an accomplished theatre actor, choreographer and director who hopes to inspire students in their pursuit of theatre, and in their pursuit of life.  Please join her for a heartfelt and fun journey into the world of theatre!