Facing Stage Fright!

Facing stage fright: learning everyday exercises to tame a common fear.

Have you ever heard someone say “oh I could never get up on stage that sounds terrifying!”? Well we have! Some of our actors you may have seen perform in fact, have said that very thing! This workshop is all about how to battle that feeling, giving you ammunition to beat any and all stage fright in the future. From wedding toasts to chimney sweep roles!

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The details:

January 21      12--2pm       Fort Columbia, Chinook Wa        Totally Free       No parking pass required

The class:

Great for loosening up your body and voice, building self-confidence, and unleashing your creative spirit. Fear is something that takes hold in all of us! The objective of this workshop is to take control and shake that fear off! Freeing you to have fun on stage and shake loose. This will be mainly geared for high school - adults but our teacher has a plan of action for any age that shows up!

Everyone needs an outlet to express themselves, a vibrant place to grow and learn, in a spirited and supportive environment.

 This is what PAPA's striving to bring! 


The Teacher:

Andy was born and raised on the Long Beach Peninsula. Now married with a child (and with one the way!) he hopes to convey his love of the arts to the community as he will with his growing family.

Being someone who is naturally an introvert, Andy’s passions have conveniently exposed him to situations where he has had to face his stage fright, performance anxiety, and fear of public speaking: From companywide presentations or school band concerts to singing at or DJing a wedding to dance-offs and stage acting.

Andy graduated from Ilwaco High and has coached local youth sports, produced a self-written album, and most recently participated with his wife, Sarah, in PAPA’s 2018 summer production of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast as the beloved clock, Cogsworth. 

Please join him for a universally enjoyable experience and a safe space to face your stage fright. 

The Place:

Located in the amazing Fort Columbia State Park our theater is an easy drive from the Long Beach Peninsula, Astoria, Naselle, Warrenton and even Grays River!

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