Build up your theatre skills for your next school presentation, the big stage, or just for fun! From design to production this three hour workshop will take you through the universe of theatre; so come prepared to explore and have fun!   


January 15th, 2018  1-3pm 

We are conveniently located right in between Long Beach and Astoria right on top of the tunnel in Chinook WA at Fort Columbia! 

Totally Free! (plus no discover pass required)

9th-12th Grade

(Don't worry if you aren't in high school we will be doing other workshops soon! Please let us know what kind of workshop you would be interested in!)


Everyone needs a forum for self-expression, a vibrant place to grow and learn. This is what PAPA strives to bring, with every event is puts on! 

While learning how to be present in the moment, students build acting, design, and communication skills in a spirited and supportive environment. The experience focuses on the individual expression of each student while developing truth on stage and skills to utilize in their everyday lives. 

Whether you've never stepped foot on stage in your life or you're looking at theatre as a career, this workshop is aimed at giving you a crash course in the process from dreaming something up to making it a reality! 

So get ready to do thing like run around on stage, rummage through costumes and props, talk about intention, create your own character, learn what directors want, what designers go through and how to never... ever... irritate your stage manager (or how to become one who rules the world), and have a ton of fun! 

Meet the Gang! 

Ronald Thompson / Teachers Assistant / Hulk

Ronald is a strapping young lad all the way from Texas. He moved to the Oregon coast when he was 19  and currently is the manager and a personal trainer at Fitness 1440 in Warrenton. He resides in beautiful Astoria with his amazingly supportive wife and son.

Although fitness is his main passion he grew up playing the piano and at a very young age even had the opportunity to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York. He got his start in PAPA by playing piano for their summer musical Hello Dolly! And became PAPA’s go-to pianist for several years. He never thought he would end up on the stage, until he showed up to play accompaniment for Cinderella and ended up making his stage debut portraying Prince Henry! Since then he has held the roles of Dauntless in Once Upon a Mattress and Mr Nowak in She Loves Me!  Onstage and off  he is a valued part of the community and even trains new volunteers how to operate the complex music system that is now in use.  

Ron is very excited to be assisting with this workshop and hopes with his varied background and lively spirit he can help students become more comfortable onstage and off. He believes there is something amazing about seeing a production and knowing that you had a major part in making it happen. Through dedication and teamwork you can make something some people just dream about become a reality! 



Brooke Flood / Teacher  / Super Mom

If there's one girl who wears too many hats, it's Brooke. That's why we think she's the perfect one to teach this workshop. She grew up in Long Beach, and blames her love of musicals on her role model, Barbara Poulshock, who started giving Brooke piano and voice lessons at age 6. Since then she has earned her double concentration Bachelor’s Degree in “Theatre-- Acting/Directing and Tech/Design” from George Fox University in Newberg, Oregon. She has played many leading roles for PAPA (Peninsula Association of Performing Artists) and is very excited about directing their upcoming, summer, mainstage production, Disney's “Beauty and the Beast” with her mentor, Barbara, at her side as the musical director. 

At George Fox University Brooke had the opportunity to dive into all the aspects of theatre, and willingly exclaims that she has a passion for theatre that only grows and grows with each year’s productions.  Brooke is excited to teach a well-rounded theatre workshop, and not just an "acting" one. 

Brooke’s hope is that many high school students will take advantage of this opportunity.  To work with someone who is a creative, talented, positive, theatre person does not come along every day.  Brooke is an accomplished theatre actor, choreographer and director who can inspire high school students in their pursuit of theatre, and in their pursuit of life.  Please join Brooke for a heartfelt and fun journey into the world of theatre!