Nine years ago, PAPA set out with a simple philosophy:

“To produce family-friendly theatrical production for the entertainment and cultural development of the community, as well as providing a vehicle for social interaction, and intellectual and emotional growth.”

But how are we able to do it? So much goes into every show, the costumes, set pieces, advertising, props, the software, the rent! We can do it because of you! Our patrons, our guests! People who believe the arts are important, who believe having a safe place to be creative and explore your talents is important.

People like you, who support, who join the cause, whether its $5 or $5,000 is how we do it. You make the measurable difference in your community theatre's life! We thank you! 

For your convenience you may make a secure online 501c3 tax-deductible donation here:


Or mail a check to:

PAPA P.O. Box 1458,
Ocean Park, WA  98640.