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Matthew Barber’s “Enchanted April” is a play for anyone who ever considered making a break for it and leaving everything behind, at least temporarily, in the hopes of transforming a stale, sorrowful life into something meaningful again.

From the novel by Elizabeth von Armim


In the winter of 1922, Lotty and Rose, two very frustrated housewives find themselves trapped in the gloom of bleak marriages and perpetual London rain. All seems hopeless until they decide to use their dress money and little savings to rent a villa in Italy for the month of April. To ease the financial burden they are joined there by Caroline Bramble, a beautiful and exhausted socialite, and Mrs. Graves, an overbearing widow. As the month passes, verdant sun-drenched San Salvatore works its magic on each sad and hardened heart, healing grief and bringing hope. And with the arrival of two chastened husbands and one attractive young artist, this mess of new friends blossoms in mysterious, hilarious and unexpected ways. This 2003 Tony Award nominee for Best Play promises to delight and inspire all who dream of wisteria blossoms, sunshine and new beginnings.


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