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Curious about our upcoming cast? Look Below!


Introducing our wonderful cast for Beauty and the Beast!

Beast : Jonathan Cole

Belle: Lindsay St. Clair & Sarah Schott

Gaston: Matthew Warner

Lefou: Natasha Beals

Lumiere: Timothy Pior

Cogsworth: Andy Schott

Madame Wardrobe: Jane Schussman

Mrs. Potts: Cindy Flood

Chip: Aarin Hoygaard

Babette: Elizabeth Pior

Maurice: Tim Johnson

Assistant Choreographer/3 Silly Girls/Ensemble: Olivia Johnston

Narrator/3 Silly Girls/Ensemble: Emma Zimmerman 

Enchantress/3 Silly Girls/Ensemble: Gabrielle Brinkman

3 Silly Girls/Ensemble: Kiki Roby

3 Silly Girls/Ensemble: Kaylee Murray

Monsieur D'Arque/Ensemble: Seth Grote

Assistant Music Director/Ensemble: Sandy Nielson

Assistant Choreographer/Ensemble: Annika Kay

Ensemble: Michele Gutierrez

Ensemble: Everett Pace

Ensemble: Stephanie Fritts

Ensemble: Marty Cole

Ensemble: Dallan Caulder

Ensemble/Wolves: Jabin Jones

Ensemble/Wolves: Everett Olsen

Ensemble/Wolves: Victoria Pior

Ensemble/Wolves: Olivia Townsend

Ensemble/Wolves: Daylin Olsen

Ensemble/Wolves: Westin Billeci