PAPA is a volunteer non-profit live theater that has always depended upon its volunteers; your services are welcomed - and needed! We'd love to have you join us, and if there is something you want to do that is not listed, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at



"Front of House"

House Manager: This is the person who is in charge of the "front of the house" during the performance of any play. Your job is to look after the needs of our patrons, and see that things go smoothly in the audience area. The job entails getting to the theatre approximately 90 minutes before the show starts, sometimes making our opening welcome speech, and communicating with Stage Manager and Box office manager before opening.  This person is usually in charge of all the performances during the run of one play, but the job could be split between multiple people.

Ushers: Here's a great "entry level" job in the theatre. We need people to pass out programs, seat patrons and help Box Office Manager with other jobs prior to the start of the show. 

Raffle Ticket Station: Handles the sales of raffle tickets.

Hospitality: You will be serving the refreshments to the audience during intermission, this involves coming before hand to make sure everything is stocked and set up. You may volunteer for a single performance, or a series of dates (we frequently have groups who take certain nights on a regular basis). The job entails setting up coffee, cookies, juice, tea, etc. and cleanup when the intermission is over.

"Behind the Scenes"

Backstage/Technical runcrew: We're always looking for people to work as stagehands moving props, sets and helping with the lights and sound.  If you’re interested in working backstage and are not afraid of the dark this is the job for you. 

Set Building: Each show must have a set built!  If you can operate power tools, hand tools, or can paint, this job is perfect for you. You can be the leader of the team, or just show up for a day of work. This job is great for working around your busy schedule.

Costume Assistants:  Every PAPA production must have costumes, some more lavish than others!  If you can sew, by hand or with a sewing machine, can follow a pattern, or are just in love with sewing then this is the job for you!

Prop Manager & Gatherers: Typically assists the props designer making sure all rehearsal props are present until all props are gathered/made and organized.  If you like browsing the local thrift stores and yard sales this is the spot for you! Or if have a creative knack for making gadgets!



"Designers, Creatives & Crew"

Actors/Actresses: To see what's coming up, please click Auditions. 

Clean-up Crew:  Are you a neat freak? Or maybe you just enjoy organizing things. If this is true we need you. After and before every production we need help getting our theater into a clean state by organizing the costume closets and just cleaning up the theater.

Assistant Choreographer: We would love someone with a dance background to help choreograph, take notes, teach steps and get hands on practice with our musical productions! 

Photography:  PAPA needs people to take pictures of every production and all of our special events to be featured on our website.  If you have a camera, and a passion for photography, this is the job for you!

Directors and Designers: We are always on the lookout for new creative talent. If you have experience in live theater we're most interested in hearing from you. If you have a yearning to learn about a particular aspect of live theater many of our seasoned players and creative talent are excited to teach what they know to an eager student.

Stage Manager: It's really hard to have a show without a stage manager! If you love being organized, work really well with multiple personalities and love a good plan coming together than this is for you! 

"Publicity & Promotions"

Advertising and Promotions: How would you like to help advertise and promote theatre in Long Beach, Astoria and surrounding areas? If you are one of those who is inspired to write and/or deliver material that will promote live theatre, this is the position for you! 

Marketing and Social Media: Online is everything these days, and it takes some time, creativity and skills! Let us know if this is up your alley!

Fundraising Committee: We are seeking people willing to do outreach in our community such as organizing or assisting in auctions, wine tasting events, acquiring community and corporate sponsors, or even giving time or setting up information booths. This is going to be really important for PAPA within the coming years, so any help you would be interested in giving would be greatly appreciated.


Peninsula Association of Performing Artists has been a member of this community since 2008 and our volunteers are what have kept us going for all these years. Thank you all for your past, present and future assistance!